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The iexpr library contains a procedure for parsing of I-expressions as described in SRFI-49.

Library Procedures

parse LOC STRING-OR-PORTprocedure

Parses I-expression text and returns a tree object with the parsed content. LOC is a symbol that indicates the name of the current entity being parsed. It is used for error reporting.

tree-empty? TREEprocedure

Returns #t is the given tree object is empty, #f otherwise.

tree-level TREEprocedure

Returns the indentation level of the text contained in the given tree node.

tree-child TREEprocedure

Returns the first child of the given tree node.

tree-sibling TREEprocedure

Returns the first sibling of the given tree node.

tree->list TREEprocedure

Converts the given tree to a list structure.


Version History


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