chickadee » hypergiant » update-string-mesh!

update-string-mesh! MESH NODE STRING FACEprocedure

Used to modify an existing string mesh, this is similar to calling string-mesh with the mesh: argument, but additionally updates the NODE’s renderable to properly display the new STRING. MESH should be a mesh that was created with string-mesh. When the mesh’s VAO is created, it must have a non-static usage (i.e. setting add-node’s usage: keyword to #:dynamic or #:stream). NODE is a node associated with that mesh, which must have been created with a render-pipeline. FACE is a font face created with load-face. The number of graphical characters (non-whitespace characters in the char-set of FACE) in STRING must be equal to or less than the number of graphical characters in the string used to create MESH.