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(start WIDTH HEIGHT TITLE [init: INIT] [update: UPDATE] [pre-render: PRE-RENDER] [post-render: POST-RENDER] [cleanup: CLEANUP] . WINDOW-HINTS)procedure

Start the main body of the program, creating a new window with dimensions WIDTH and HEIGHT, and the given TITLE. INIT may be a function of zero arguments that will be called during the initialization sequence, after all libraries are initialized, but before the main loop. UPDATE may be a function of one argument (delta: the time that passed between the current update and the last one) that is called once per frame before scenes are updated and rendered. PRE-RENDER and POST-RENDER may be functions of zero arguments that perform some action immediately before and after render-cameras is called, respectively. CLEANUP may be a function of zero arguments which is called before the window is closed. WINDOW-HINTS accepts the same keyword arguments as make-window.