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copyfile from to #!rest optionsprocedure

Copies FROM file to TO file using the OS X copyfile(3) API, preserving HFS+ metadata as specified in copyfile OPTIONS. Always returns a true value, indicating success; failure will raise an error. In the current implementation, both FROM and TO must be filenames; ports are not accepted.

If the #:check option is given, copyfile will determine which metadata would be copied from the source, without copying it. It returns zero if there is no corresponding metadata, and a positive value if there is metadata to copy. Either way, the return value is true, indicating success.

If #:pack is given, copyfile serializes the desired metadata to an AppleDouble file named by the TO argument. #:unpack is the opposite of #:pack. This AppleDouble file is the same format as that produced when writing a file to a non-HFS+ filesystem, such as across a network to NFS or Samba. Because an AppleDouble file is always created when packing, even if there is no metadata to copy, you may wish to use #:check first to avoid this.