chickadee » genturfahi » nunjavni-samselpla

nunjavni-samselpla samselpla sumti-javni #!key cmeneprocedure
The optional name for the javni-valsi generated by successfully matching sumti-javni and executing samselpla.
the code to execute if the generated javni calls mapti.
The rule generating javni-valsi for samselpla.

Generate a javni that runs the passed in sumti-javni and, if the sumti-javni calls mapti, calls samselpla by passing any tokens in the jalga with associated cmene as DSSL-style #!key parameters.

If sumti-javni does not match, samselpla is not called. There is no way to execute code for a namapti, as there is only a single namapti called during a parse. Code that should be executed when a parse fails can be run after the parse completes; see genturfahi.