chickadee » genturfahi » nunjavni-cmene

nunjavni-cmene sumti-javni #!key cmeneprocedure
The optional name for the javni-valsi generated by successfully matching sumti-javni.
the rule to match.

Generate a javni that runs the passed in sumti-javni and, if the sumti-javni matches, associates cmene with the javni-valsi associated with the mapti.

If sumti-javni does not match, call namapti without associating cmene with the result.

All terminal javni accept a cmene: argument, which should be used in preference to this function. This function is required when matching a javni-naselci, as we can't tell at compile-time that we will associate a cmene with that javni. Instead, the binding waits until runtime where it is performed by this function.