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for-each-imlib-frame-from-video-indexed f videoprocedure
for-each-imlib-frame-from-video-indexed-but-last f videoprocedure
for-each-imlib-frame-pair-from-video individual-f pair-f videoprocedure
for-each-imlib-frame-pair-from-video-indexed individual-f pair-f videoprocedure
map-imlib-frame-from-video-indexed f videoprocedure
map-imlib-frame-pair-from-video individual-f pair-f videoprocedure

Iterate over the video as above but the functions are called with both a frame number and an imlib image of the current frame. The indexed versions of these functions also pass an index (as the second arugment) (guaranteed to be 0-based) into the current movie.