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set-dynamic-load-mode! MODELISTprocedure

On systems that support dynamic loading of compiled code via the dlopen(3) interface (for example Linux and Solaris), some options can be specified to fine-tune the behaviour of the dynamic linker. MODE should be a list of symbols (or a single symbol) taken from the following set:

If local is given, then any C/C++ symbols defined in the dynamically loaded file are not available for subsequently loaded files and libraries. Use this if you have linked foreign code into your dynamically loadable file and if you don't want to export them (for example because you want to load another file that defines the same symbols).
The default is global, which means all C/C++ symbols are available to code loaded at a later stage.
If now is specified, all symbols are resolved immediately.
Unresolved symbols are resolved as code from the file is executed. This is the default.

Note that this procedure does not control the way Scheme variables are handled - this facility is mainly of interest when accessing foreign code.