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Disjoint Set

An implementation of a disjoint set data structure.

A disjoint set is a data structure to hold sets of items, providing efficient procedures for finding a representative of the set any item is contained in, and also for joining two sets together.

The user must provide a hash procedure and equality check procedure for the items to be stored in the data structure.


make-disjoint-set hash-function equality-testprocedure

Returns a reference to a disjoint-set object.

disjoint-set:make disjoint-set itemprocedure

Converts the given item into a disjoint set item, and adds it to the disjoint set. There is no usable output.

disjoint-set:find disjoint-set itemprocedure

Returns a reference to the representative item of the set that the given item appears in.

disjoint-set:union disjoint-set item-1 item-2procedure

Modifies the disjoint set, merging the sets represented by the given items. There is no usable output.


Peter Lane.


GPL version 3.0.


Needs srfi-69

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