chickadee » csp » assert-unary-constraint-gfc!

assert-unary-constraint-efd! constraint xprocedure
assert-binary-constraint-efd! constraint x yprocedure
assert-ternary-constraint-efd! constraint x y zprocedure
assert-unary-constraint-fc! constraint xprocedure
assert-binary-constraint-fc! constraint x yprocedure
assert-ternary-constraint-fc! constraint x y zprocedure
assert-unary-constraint-vp! constraint xprocedure
assert-binary-constraint-vp! constraint x yprocedure
assert-ternary-constraint-vp! constraint x y zprocedure
assert-unary-constraint-gfc! constraint xprocedure
assert-binary-constraint-gfc! constraint x yprocedure
assert-ternary-constraint-gfc! constraint x y zprocedure
assert-unary-constraint-ac! constraint xprocedure
assert-binary-constraint-ac! constraint x yprocedure
assert-ternary-constraint-ac! constraint x y zprocedure

Assert each of the 5 kinds of constraints between domain-variables x, y and z. You can always use assert-constraint! instead and it will default to these functions if your constraint is of low arity.