chickadee » crypt » crypt-gensalt

crypt-gensalt #!key type randomprocedure

This procedure can be used to obtain a string you can pass to the crypt procedure as the salt-or-hash argument. The string generally starts with a dollar-sign followed by an algorithm specifier, followed by the salt. For more specific info about the format of this string, see the "Background Info" section.

The type argument selects the algorithm type to use. It can currently be one of the following symbols: blowfish, sha512, sha256, md5, des-extended or des. If not supplied or #f, the value of (crypt-default-implementation) is used.

The random argument can be used to supply a stronger randomization procedure. It should be a procedure that accepts two integers (a minimum and a maximum) and returns an u8vector with random values. The u8vector must have a length between the minimum and the maximum, both inclusive. The maximum can be #f when there is no upper bound. If random is not supplied or #f, the value of (crypt-default-random-u8vector) is used.