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bb:render SXMLprocedure

Creates the widgets defined by the SXML representation in SXML. Each element represents a widget where the tag specifies a widget type (as in bb:make-widget). Element attributes represent widget properties. Attribute-value strings are transformed according to the following mapping:

 x y width height spacing maximum minimum x-position y-position text-size

Numeric strings. x, y, width and height may also be specified as offsets given as strings prefixed with + or -, or percentages given as strings suffixed with %.

 color text-color selection-color

A string of the form #RRGGBB or a color name

 resizable visible focus modal read-only valid-context

Anything different from the string no means true.


an element id.


A comma-separated list of indicator-names

Anything else is either treated as a numeric string or (if not a valid number) as a symbolic property value. Note that attribute values may also be of other types than strings. The content of an SXML element will be used as the text property value of the created widget, if given.

Elements may have any number of additional attributes. The attribute id can be used to identify elements.

A child widget will have the dimensions of it's parent, if no width and/or height attributes are given.