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The routines compute the solution to a system of linear equations ''A

  • X = B, where A is an N-by-N matrix and X and B are N-by-NRHS matrices. Optional arguments LDA and LDB are the leading dimensions of arrays A and B, respectively. LU decomposition with partial pivoting and row interchanges is used to factor A as A = P * L * U, where P is a permutation matrix, L is unit lower triangular, and U is upper triangular. The factored form of A'' is then used to solve the system. The return values are:
  • a matrix containing the factors L and U from the factorization A = P*L*U;
  • the N-by-NRHS solution matrix X
  • a vector with pivot indices: for 1 <= i <= min(M,N), row i of the matrix A was interchanged with row pivot(i)