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rss:item? Xprocedure
rss:item-title ITEMprocedure
rss:item-description ITEMprocedure
rss:item-enclosures ITEMprocedure
rss:item-attributes ITEMprocedure

A record containing data of a RSS item. The title, link and description fields are strings. The rss:item-enclosures procedure returns a list of enclosure records (see below). The attributes field holds an association list mapping symbols to strings and contain all sub-elements of a specific RSS item, including the title, link description and enclosure values. So:

 (eq? (alist-ref 'title (rss:item-attributes ITEM)) (rss:item-title ITEM))  ==>  #t

The item attribute is an SXML expression of the form

 (image (title STRING) ...)

where ... hold additional subelements of the image attribute.