chickadee » gl-utils » mesh-update!

mesh-update! MESH VERTICES #!optional INDICESprocedure

Update the entirety of the vertex data and optionally the index data of the MESH. This can be used in order to reuse the memory and vertex buffers of a mesh. VERTICES should be the same sort of list of (NAME . VALUE) attribute pairs that is accepted as the initial-elements: argument to make-mesh’s vertices: (though not a bytevector). The data in VERTICES should match the attributes of the original vector. Similarly, INDICES should be the same kind of list of elements that is accepted to make-mesh’s indices’s initial-elements:. The data in both VERTICES and INDICES must fit within the vertex and index bytevectors of the MESH. This can be called before or after mesh-make-vao!. Do not call inside with-mesh.