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serialize-sxml doc #!key keysprocedure

Serialize the SXML document DOC, an SXML node or nodeset, to XML or HTML. Returns the result string if the serialization was done to a string, or an unspecified value if serializing to file or port.

serialize-sxml accepts the following keyword arguments:

[default #f] An output port or filename to write the output to, or #f to write it to a string.
[default '()] A list of SXML element names, as symbols, which will have their contents serialized to CDATA.
[default, two spaces] Indentation level to apply to XML elements, as a string or #f. When a string, a newline is written when a new tag is opened, and the tag is indented by printing the string x times for indentation level x. When #f, indentation is totally disabled and no newline is printed. To print all tags left-aligned, use the empty string.
[default 'xml] Serialization method, 'xml or 'html. When 'html, an end-tag is not output for empty HTML elements; character escaping is not performed for the content of script and style elements; "<" characters in attribute values are not escaped; whitespace is not added inside a formatted element; and boolean attributes are output in minimized form. HTML output is provided for completeness; using sxml-transforms may give better results.
[default conventional-ns-prefixes] An alist mapping namespace prefixes (symbols) to URIs, which allows the application to specify the mapping between namespace URIs and the corresponding namespace prefixes to be used for serialization. When no namespace prefix assignment is provided for some namespace URI, the serializer generates an XML prefix name by itself. This URI to prefix map is applied after any user shortcuts are expanded to full URIs.
[default: value of allow-prefix-redeclarations? param] Permit different URIs to map to the same XML prefix. See the section on redeclaration.