chickadee » srfi-64 » test-begin

test-begin suite-name #!optional countprocedure

A test-begin enters a new test group. The suite-name becomes the current test group name, and is added to the end of the test group path. Portable test suites should use a sting literal for suite-name; the effect of expressions or other kinds of literals is unspecified.

Rationale: In some ways using symbols would be preferable. However, we want human-readable names, and standard Scheme does not provide a way to include spaces or mixed-case text in literal symbols.

The optional count must match the number of test-cases executed by this group. (Nested test groups count as a single test case for this count.) This extra test may be useful to catch cases where a test doesn't get executed because of some unexpected error.

Additionally, if there is no currently executing test runner, one is installed in an implementation-defined manner.