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<spock-header> #!key minified debug pathprocedure

Emits HTML to load the runtime system. Keyword-arguments are available to specify whether a "minified" version of the runtime library should be loaded, and whether a debug version should be used. Minified means a compressed library that can be loaded faster by the client. The debug version performs additional error checks and keeps a trace of recently invoked functions.

Note that the JavaScript files containing the runtime library need to be available to be transmitted to the client. In the usual case of web-server code generating script content this means, one of the files


should be in a location that holds files to be retrieved by the client and it should match the keyword arguments given to <spock-header>. The path keyword argument can be used to override the path prefix and defaults to an empty path.

The runtime library is installed in spock subdirectory of the extension repository and can be located in the path returned by entering

 chicken-spock -library-path