chickadee » soil » create-ogl-single-cubemap

create-ogl-single-cubemap data width height force-channels order texture-id texture-flagsprocedure
  • data: Blob to upload as an OpenGL texture
  • width: The width of the image in pixels
  • height: The height of the image in pixels
  • face-order: The order of the faces in the file, any permutation of "NSWEUD" representing North, South, West, East, Up, Down
  • force-channels: Format of image channels to force, see below definitions for appropriate values
  • texture-id: Use either texture-id/create-new-id or use an existing texture id to overwrite an existing texture
  • texture-flags: See below for appropriate texture/*** flags to use, i.e., texture/repeats or texture/mipmaps. Flags are bitwise, and can be combined with bitwise-ior

Returns an OpenGL texture ID.