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smtp is a collection of parser combinators and state machine primitives for the grammar defined in RFC 5321 (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

Data Types for SMTP Commands

Represenation of SMTP commands:

(define-datatype cmd cmd?
 (Helo (s string?))
 (Ehlo (s string?))
 (MailFrom (m mailbox?) (parameters list?))
 (RcptTo   (m mailbox?) (parameters list?))
 (Send  (m mailbox?))
 (Soml  (m mailbox?))
 (Saml  (m mailbox?))
 (Vrfy  (s string?))
 (Expn  (s string?))
 (Help  (s string?))
 (WrongArg (cmd string?)  (message string?)))

The record printer defined for this datatype prints values of this type in a format conforming to the RFC. For example:

 csi> (print (Helo ""))

The mailbox datatype has the following definition:

(define-datatype mailbox mailbox?
  (Mailbox (local-part string?) 
           (domain string?)))

Data Types for SMTP Replies

Representation of SMTP replies:

 (define-datatype reply reply?
  (Reply (code code?) (msg list?)))

An SMTP reply is a three-digit return code plus comments. This is what the list of strings is for; one string per line in the reply. the record printer will append an CRLF end-of-line marker to each entry in that list, so that the resulting string is ready to be sent back to the peer.

For example:

> (print (Reply (Code (Success) (MailSystem) 0)
                    (list "worked" "like" "a charm")))
250 a charm

The code datatype consists of success code, category and supplemental code:

(define-datatype code code?
  (Code (suc success-code?) (cat category?) (num integer?)))

In addition, the success-code and category datatypes can be used to map symbolic identifiers to integers and vice versa:

  success-code success-code? success-vector 
  success-code-inject success-code-project 
  category category? category-vector
  category-inject category-project

define-enumerated-type defines a new record type, with as many instances as there are instance names. name-vector is bound to a vector containing the instances of the type in the same order as the instance-name list. name-inject and name-project are procedures that map integers to an instance and vice versa.

ESMTP State Machine


Procedure start-session returns an ESMTP state machine object (a procedure), which takes in a stream containing an SMTP command and returns an appropriate session-fsm value:

 (define-datatype session-fsm session-fsm?
   (Event (ev event?))
   (Trans (ev event?) (fsm procedure?)))

A stream in this case is defined as the representation used by the abnf library.

The Event variant signals an event that must be processed by the calling library, while Trans signals an event and a state machine transition. The following events can be returned by this state machine:

(define-datatype event event?
  (SayHelo       (s string?))
  (SayHeloAgain  (s string?))
  (SayEhlo       (s string?))
  (SayEhloAgain  (s string?))
  (SetMailFrom   (m mailbox?) (parameters? list))
  (AddRcptTo     (m mailbox?) (parameters? list))
  (NotImplemented) ;; Turn, Send, Soml, Saml, Vrfy, Expn.
  (SeeksHelp    (s string?))
  (SyntaxErrorIn (s string?))
  (Unrecognized  (s string?)))


;; An example MTA implementation

(import datatype smtp abnf)

(define domain    "")
(define host      "chicken-mta")
(define mailfrom  (make-parameter #f))
(define rcpto     (make-parameter '()))
(define data      (make-parameter #f))

(define (handle-event ev)
  (cases event ev
	 (SayHelo (s)
	  (Reply (Code (Success) (MailSystem) 0)
		 (list host " " "Hello " s)))
	 (SayHeloAgain (s)
	  (Reply (Code (Success) (MailSystem) 0)
		 (list host " " "Hello " s)))

	 (SayEhlo (s)
	  (Reply (Code (Success) (MailSystem) 0)
		 (list host " " "Hello " s)))
	 (SayEhloAgain (s)
	  (Reply (Code (Success) (MailSystem) 0)
		 (list host " " "Hello " s)))
	 (SetMailFrom (m)
	   (mailfrom m)
	   (Reply (Code (Success) (MailSystem) 0) 
		  (list "OK")))

	 (AddRcptTo (m)
	    (if (not (mailfrom))
	       (Reply (Code (PermanentFailure) (Syntax) 3)
	   	      (list "command out of sequence"))
		 (rcpto (cons m (rcpto)))
		 (Reply (Code (Success) (MailSystem) 0) 
			(list "Accepted")))))

	 (StartData ()
	    (if (not (rcpto))
	       (Reply (Code (PermanentFailure) (MailSystem) 4)
	   	      (list "no valid recipients"))
		 (data (list))
		 (Reply (Code (IntermediateSuccess) (MailSystem) 4)
			(list "Ready")))))

	 (NeedHeloFirst ()
	   (Reply (Code (PermanentFailure) (Syntax) 3)
	   	      (list "command out of sequence: "
			    "need HELO first")

	 (NeedMailFromFirst ()
	   (Reply (Code (PermanentFailure) (Syntax) 3)
	   	      (list "command out of sequence: "
			    "need MAIL first")

	 (NeedMailRcptToFirst ()
	   (Reply (Code (PermanentFailure) (Syntax) 3)
	   	      (list "command out of sequence: "
			    "need RCPT first")

	 (NotImplemented ()
	   (Reply (Code (PermanentFailure) (Syntax) 2)
		  (list "command not implemented")))

	 (ResetState ()
	     (mailfrom #f)
	     (rcpto    #f)
	     (data     #f)
	     (Reply (Code (Success) (MailSystem) 0) 
		    (list "Reset OK")))

	 (SayOK ()
	     (Reply (Code (Success) (MailSystem) 0) 
		    (list "OK")))

	 (SeeksHelp (s)
	     (Reply (Code (Success) (Information) 4) 
		    (list "Commands supported:"

	 (Shutdown ()
	    (Reply (Code (Success) (MailSystem) 1)
		   (list host " closing connection")))

	 (SyntaxErrorIn (s)
	    (Reply (Code (PermanentFailure) (Syntax) 1)
		   (list "syntax error in " s)))

	 (Unrecognized (s)
	    (Reply (Code (PermanentFailure) (Syntax) 0)
		   (list "Unrecognized " s)))

;; from SSAX lib
(define (peek-next-char port)
  (read-char port) 
  (peek-char port))

(define (read-smtp-line port)
  (let loop ((cs (list)))
    (let ((c (peek-char port)))
    (if (eof-object? c) (reverse cs)
	(let ((n (peek-next-char port)))
	  (cond ((and (eq? n #\newline) (eq? c #\return))
		   (read-char port)
		   (reverse (cons* n c cs)))
		(else (loop (cons c cs)))))))))

(define data-end (list #\. #\return #\newline))
(define (handle-data in out cont)
  (let loop ((tempdata (list)))
    (let ((line (read-smtp-line in)))
      (if (equal? line data-end)
	  (begin (data (reverse tempdata))
		 (fprintf out "~A" 
			  (Reply (Code (Success) (MailSystem) 0) (list "OK")))
	  (loop (cons (list->string line) tempdata))))))

(define (main in out)  
  (let loop ((fsm (start-session)))
    (let ((line     (read-smtp-line in)))
      (if (null? line) (loop fsm)
	  (let ((instream (list `(() ,line))))
	     (((reply ev fsm)
	       (cases session-fsm (fsm instream)
		      (Event (ev)
			     (let ((reply (handle-event ev)))
			       (values reply ev fsm)))
		      (Trans (ev fsm)
			     (let ((reply (handle-event ev)))
			       (values reply ev fsm))))))
	     (fprintf out "~A" reply)
	     (cases event ev
		    (StartData ()
			       (handle-data in out (lambda () (loop fsm))))
		    (Shutdown ()
		    (else (loop fsm)))))))))


Version History


Based on the Haskell Rfc2821 module by Peter Simons.

 Copyright 2009-2019 Ivan Raikov.
 This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or
 modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
 published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the
 License, or (at your option) any later version.
 This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
 WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 General Public License for more details.
 A full copy of the GPL license can be found at

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