chickadee » rocksdb » rocksdb-open

rocksdb-open name #!key read-only (compression 'lz4) (create-if-missing #t) paranoid-checks (finalizer rocksdb-close)procedure

Opens database at path name, returning a rocksdb-t object. Setting read-only to a non-false value, will call rocksdb_open_for_read_only instead of rocksdb_open. This is useful as multiple OS processes may open a database in read-only mode, but only one may open for read-write.

finalizer can be specified here and in some other procedures below. It can be set to #f to allow for manual memory management, which can be faster in cases where there many objects are created. If finalizer is #f, you must remember to call the associated close/destroy procedure explicitly.

compression must be one of (#f snappy zlib bz2 lz4 lz4hc xpress zstd). Please see the C API for the remaining arguments.