chickadee » postgresql » copy-query*-fold-right

copy-query-fold-right KONS KNIL CONNECTION #!rest PARAMSprocedure
(copy-query*-fold-right KONS KNIL CONNECTION [PARAMS] [format: FORMAT] [raw: RAW?])procedure

The fundamental COPY TO STDOUT recursion operator; Calls (KONS DATA1 (KONS DATA2 (KONS ... KNIL))) instead of (KONS DATAN ... (KONS DATA2 (KONS DATA1 KNIL))).

Warning: It is not recommended to use this when the returned data is very big. It is usually much cheaper (memory-wise) to use copy-query-fold and reverse the result object, if the object's type supports that.

The starred and nonstarred version are analogous to query and query*.