chickadee » integer-map » fxmapping-relation-map

fxmapping-relation-map proc fxmapprocedure

proc must be a procedure of type fixnum * → fixnum *.

Returns a fxmapping whose associations are the results of transforming both the keys and the values of fxmap with proc. For each association (k, v) in fxmap, (proc k v) is evaluated to return a new key and a new value which are associated in the new fxmapping. Duplicate keys are replaced, but the results in this case are unpredictable; if proc is not injective, that is, if it produces multiple associations with the same key, then it is unspecified which one of these associations will be present in the resulting fxmapping. The dynamic order of the applications of proc to the elements of fxmap is unspecified.

Rationale: fxmapping-relation-map corresponds to mapping-map from SRFI 146 and is provided primarily for compatibility with that SRFI.