chickadee » hypergiant » add-light

(add-light PARENT COLOR INTENSITY [direction: direction] [spot-angle: SPOT-ANGLE] [position: POSITION] [radius: RADIUS])procedure

As in Hyperscene, adds a new light to the given PARENT node (or scene) with #f32(r g b) COLOR. INTENSITY is the floating point value associated with the brightness of the light. DIRECTION is an #f32(x y z) vector that indicates the direction that the light is pointing, defaulting to #f32(0 0 0). SPOT-ANGLE indicates the angle in radians that the light is spread over (defaulting to 0, representing a non-spotlight source). A node is returned that can be moved, rotated, and sized like any other node.

This function is extended with POSITION, which sets the initial position of the light, and RADIUS, which sets the radius of the light’s bounding sphere.