chickadee » csc » user-post-analysis-pass


Holds a procedure that will be called after every performed program analysis pass. The procedure (when defined) will be called with seven arguments: a symbol indicating the analysis pass, the program database, the current node graph, a getter and a setter-procedure which can be used to access and manipulate the program database, which holds various information about the compiled program, a pass iteration count, and an analysis continuation flag. The getter procedure should be called with two arguments: a symbol representing the binding for which information should be retrieved, and a symbol that specifies the database-entry. The current value of the database entry will be returned or #f, if no such entry is available. The setter procedure is called with three arguments: the symbol and key and the new value. The pass iteration count currently is meaningful only for the 'opt pass. The analysis continuation flag will be #f for the last 'opt pass. For information about the contents of the program database contact the author.

Note that the macroexpansion/canonicalization phase of the compiler adds certain forms to the source program. These extra expressions are not seen by user-preprocessor-pass, but are seen by user-pass.