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Module (chicken repl)

This module provides procedures you can use to create your own Read-Eval-Print Loop (REPL).


repl #!optional EVALUATORprocedure

Start a new read-eval-print loop. Sets the reset-handler so that any invocation of reset restarts the read-eval-print loop. Also changes the current exception-handler to display a message, write any arguments to the value of (current-error-port) and reset.

If EVALUATOR is given, it should be a procedure of one argument that is used in place of eval to evaluate each entered expression.

You can use quit to terminate the current read-eval-print loop.



A procedure that should evaluate to a string that will be printed before reading interactive input from the user in a read-eval-print loop. Defaults to (lambda () "#;N> ").


quit #!optional RESULTprocedure

In the interpreter quit exits the currently active read-eval-print loop. In compiled code, it is equivalent to calling exit. See also the repl procedure.



Reset program (Invokes reset-handler).



A procedure of zero arguments that is called via reset. The default behavior in compiled code is to invoke the value of (exit-handler). The default behavior in the interpreter is to abort the current computation and to restart the read-eval-print loop.

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