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Module (chicken eval)

This module provides a handful of hooks that allow more fine-grained control over how the standard procedure eval behaves.

Custom eval handlers



A procedure of one or two arguments. When eval is invoked, it calls the value of this parameter with the same arguments. The default behavior is to evaluate the argument expression and to ignore the second parameter.

Using modules as evaluation environments


module-environment MODULENAMEprocedure

Locates the module with the name MODULENAME and returns an environment that can be passed as the second argument to eval. The evaluated expressions have only access to the bindings that are visible inside the module. Note that the environment is not mutable.

If the module is not registered in the current process, module-environment will try to locate meta-information about the module by loading any existing import library with the name MODULENAME.import.[scm|so], if possible.

In compiled modules, only exported bindings will be visible to interactively entered code. In interpreted modules all bindings are visible.

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