chickadee » chicken » base » char-name

char-name SYMBOL-OR-CHAR #!optional CHARprocedure

This procedure can be used to inquire about character names or to define new ones. With a single argument the behavior is as follows: If SYMBOL-OR-CHAR is a symbol, then char-name returns the character with this name, or #f if no character is defined under this name. If SYMBOL-OR-CHAR is a character, then the name of the character is returned as a symbol, or #f if the character has no associated name.

If the optional argument CHAR is provided, then SYMBOL-OR-CHAR should be a symbol that will be the new name of the given character. If multiple names designate the same character, then the write will use the character name that was defined last.

(char-name 'space)                  ==> #\space
(char-name #\space)                 ==> space
(char-name 'bell)                   ==> #f
(char-name (integer->char 7))       ==> #f
(char-name 'bell (integer->char 7))
(char-name 'bell)                   ==> #\bell
(char->integer (char-name 'bell))   ==> 7