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html-page contents #!key css title doctype headers charset content-type literal-style? (html-attribs '()) (body-attribs '())procedure

Generates an SXML page containing contents (SXML). The following keywords arguments may be used to customize the page:

  • headers: an SXML form containing additional headers to be inserted in the section delimited by the <head> tag. Default = #f.
  • title: the title for the page (to be used in the <title> tag). Default = #f.
  • css: may be either a path to a Cascading Style Sheet file, to be linked from the generated page (the default value is #f, so no CSS is used) or a list of paths to CSS files. If a list of paths is used, the elements which are also lists are read and inlined into the generated page. Example: css: '("css1.css" ("css2.css")). In the example, css1.css would be linked from the generated page (using the link tag) and css2.css would be inlined into the generated page (e.g., html-page would read the css2.css file and inline its contents in the HTML code).
  • doctype: specifies the document type of the generated page. The default value is #f. The possible values are the ones available from the doctype egg.
  • charset: specifies the default charset to be used in the corresponding meta tag of the document. The default value is "UTF-8" (only when content-type is provided).
  • literal-style?: if #f, convert special characters in style code (CSS) to theyr equivalent HTML entities. If non-#f, insert them verbatim.
  • content-type and charset are used together for the <meta http-equiv ...> specification.: charset's default value is "UTF-8" and content-type's default value is "application/xhtml+xml".
  • html-attribs: attributes to the html tag. The format is a list of lists (<attribute> <value>) (<attribute> is a symbol). Example: (html-page "foo" html-attribs: '((lang "us"))).
  • body-attribs: attributes to the body tag. The format is a list of lists (<attribute> <value>) (<attribute> is a symbol). Example: (html-page "foo" body-attribs: '((bgcolor "red"))).