chickadee » awful » awful-start

awful-start thunk #!key dev-mode? port ip-address (use-fancy-web-repl? #t) privileged-codeprocedure

Starts awful. This procedure is only useful for standalone applications which intent to embed awful. For example, the awful application server (the awful command line tool) uses it.

This procedure does all the listening, switching user/group and entering the accept loop dance.

thunk is a procedure to be executed upon starting awful. It can be Scheme code just like any other that can be loaded as an awful application.

dev-mode? (boolean) indicates whether awful should run in development mode.

port (integer) indicates to port to bind to.

ip-address (string) indicates the IP address to bind to.

use-fancy-web-repl? (boolean): indicates whether the web REPL should use the fancy editor. The default value is #t (since awful 0.40.0 -- before that it was #f)

privileged-code (procedure): a thunk that is executed while awful is still running with privileged permissions (when run by the superuser).