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rights? Aprocedure
rights-type Aprocedure
rights-text Aprocedure
rights-xhtml Aprocedure

Predicate and accessors for atom:rights elements, which represent human-readable rights information for the feed. This element is an atomtextConstruct, so it may contain either text (here meaning either plain text or HTML), or XHTML content.

rights-type will return the type of content as a symbol:

text content
html content (considered to be text)
XHTML content

rights-text returns the contents of the element as a string, and is what you should use for 'text or 'html types. HTML will be unescaped for you, but is still returned as a string. It returns the empty string if no text is present.

rights-xhtml returns the XHTML contents of the element as an SXML document. The root element inside the contents must be an XHTML div (xhtml:div). If such an element is not found, it returns #f. Note that we return the div as the root of the SXML document, but the Atom spec says you must not consider the div itself part of the content.