chickadee » atom » make-link

Create an atom:link element representing a reference from an entry or feed to a Web resource.

(required) the URI (@href) of the link
(default "alternate") the link relation type (@rel) as a string; see below
human-readable, plain-text title for the link, as a string
advisory MIME media type for the referenced resource, as a string or MIME-type symbol
advisory length in octets for the referenced resource, as an exact integer
an RFC3066 language tag (@hreflang) for the referenced resource, as a string

The five common link relations are:

an alternate version of this resource. For a feed, it might be a link to your webpage; for an entry, it might be a permalink to your blog entry, with type: 'html. Feed readers work better when you include such a link.
a link to this Atom document, usually the URI to your Atom feed with type: 'atom.
a related link
identifies a "potentially large" external resource; you should provide length:
a link to the source of the information

For type:, the currently known MIME-type symbol shortcuts are 'text, 'html, 'xhtml, and 'atom. Otherwise, use the full type name as a string.