chickadee » atom » make-entry

make-entry #!key KEYSprocedure

Make a new atom:entry element, with KEYS corresponding to child elements. Raises an error if any required elements are missing.

Required elements:

an atom:id string, a permanent, unique absolute IRI identifier for the entry
an atom:title element, a human-readable title for the entry
an atom:updated element, an RFC3339 timestamp indicating last update time

Optional elements:

a list of atom:author elements, the authors of the entry
a list of atom:category elements, the entry categories
a list of atom:contributor elements, the contributors to the entry
an atom:content element, the entry content
a list of atom:link elements, the entry links
an atom:published element, an RFC3339 timestamp indicating initial creation time
an atom:rights element, a human-readable description of rights held over the entry
an atom:source element, information about the feed source for content aggregators
an atom:summary element, a human-readable summary, abstract or excerpt of the entry

Additional notes:

Entry author elements are optional as long as the containing feed contains authorship information. If the feed does not, the entry must contain least one author element. This will be checked in make-feed.

Entry elements without a atom:content element must contain an atom:link with link-relation "alternate". This is checked in make-entry.

Entry summary elements are optional unless an atom:content element is present and its content kind is 'external or 'binary. This is checked in make-entry.

It is illegal for entries to contain more than one atom:link element with a link-relation of "alternate" and the same type and uri-language values. This is not checked in make-entry.