chickadee » atom » make-content

make-content content #!key (type 'text) sourceprocedure

Create an atom:content element representing the content of an entry. Acceptable values for CONTENT vary according to the value of TYPE.

(default 'text) the MIME media type of the content as a string, or one of the shorthand symbols 'text, 'html or 'xhtml. See below.
a source URI the client must dereference to obtain the content, as a string. In this case, CONTENT is ignored and the element content will be empty. Use a dummy value for content such as #f or the empty string.

The content type may be:

'text or "text/plain"
a human-readable, plain text string
'html or "text/html"
a string containing HTML markup (which will be escaped for you)
'xhtml or "application/xhtml+xml"
an xhtml:div element
an XML MIME type
an SXML document consisting of a single root node. An XML MIME type is any MIME type string ending with "/xml" or "+xml", or one of the RFC3023 XML media types
a textual MIME type
a text string; a textual MIME type is any MIME type string starting with "text/"
any other MIME type
the content is considered binary, and the user must pass a base64 encoded string as the content.