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make-aes128-encryptor BLOBprocedure
make-aes128-decryptor BLOBprocedure
make-aes192-encryptor BLOBprocedure
make-aes192-decryptor BLOBprocedure
make-aes256-encryptor BLOBprocedure
make-aes256-decryptor BLOBprocedure

Using the supplied blob as a raw key, return a procedure that maps 16-byte blobs to 16-byte blobs, either encrypting or decrypting them with the specified key. The key is not modified in any way; if you just split your data into blocks (with padding) and encrypt each, you will merely be operating in ECB mode, which isn't very secure.

128-bit keys must be 16 bytes long, 192-bit keys 24 bytes, and 256-bit keys 32 bytes. Otherwise, an error will be signalled. Likewise, passing a blob of other than 16 bytes to a `PROCESSOR` will result in an error.