chickadee » srfi-4 » blob->s32vector

blob->u8vector BLOBprocedure
blob->s8vector BLOBprocedure
blob->u16vector BLOBprocedure
blob->s16vector BLOBprocedure
blob->u32vector BLOBprocedure
blob->s32vector BLOBprocedure
blob->f32vector BLOBprocedure
blob->f64vector BLOBprocedure
blob->u8vector/shared BLOBprocedure
blob->s8vector/shared BLOBprocedure
blob->u16vector/shared BLOBprocedure
blob->s16vector/shared BLOBprocedure
blob->u32vector/shared BLOBprocedure
blob->s32vector/shared BLOBprocedure
blob->f32vector/shared BLOBprocedure
blob->f64vector/shared BLOBprocedure

Each of these procedures return a vector where the argument BLOB is taken as a 'packed' representation of the contents of the vector. The /shared variants return a vector that shares memory with the contents of the blob.