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fp+ X Yprocedure
fp- X Yprocedure
fp* X Yprocedure
fp/ X Yprocedure
fpneg Xprocedure
fpmin X Yprocedure
fpmax X Yprocedure
fp= X Yprocedure
fp> X Yprocedure
fp< X Yprocedure
fp>= X Yprocedure
fp<= X Yprocedure
fpfloor Xprocedure
fpceiling Xprocedure
fptruncate Xprocedure
fpround Xprocedure
fpsin Xprocedure
fpcos Xprocedure
fptan Xprocedure
fpasin Xprocedure
fpacos Xprocedure
fpatan Xprocedure
fpatan2 X Yprocedure
fplog Xprocedure
fpexp Xprocedure
fpexpt X Yprocedure
fpsqrt Xprocedure
fpabs Xprocedure
fpinteger? Xprocedure

Arithmetic floating-point operations.

In safe mode, these procedures throw a type error when given non-float arguments. In unsafe mode, these procedures do not check their arguments. A non-flonum argument in unsafe mode can crash the application.

Note: fpround uses the rounding mode that your C library implements, which is usually different from R5RS.