chickadee » git » create-commit

(create-commit repository #!key message author [committer] [tree] [parents] [reference]) => commitprocedure

Creates and returns a new commit in the given repository. The string message will be used as the commit's message and tree will be the file tree of the commit. If no tree is given, the current state of the repository's index is used. parents may be be a (possibly empty) list of commits to be used as this commit's ancestors. author and committer should be signatures; if committer is not given, author will be used for both. reference, if given and not #f, should be the reference or name of a reference that will be updated to point to the newly-created commit.

Note that if no reference is given, the commit will be created in Git's database but will not be reflected in any of the repository's branches. To update the the working branch with the new commit, for example, use "HEAD".

On success, the on-disk repository is updated immediately.