chickadee » git » commit-parent-id

commit-parentcount commitprocedure
commit-parent commit #!optional nprocedure
commit-parent-id commit #!optional nprocedure
commit-parents commitprocedure
commit-ancestor commit #!optional nprocedure

commit-parentcount returns the number of parents of the given commit.

commit-parent returns the nth parent of the given commit, or the first parent if no n is given. If the commit has no parent, #f is returned.

commit-parent-id is as commit-parent, but it returns the oid of the given commit's parent without first reading the parent commit from the repository.

commit-parents returns the possibly-empty list of all parents of the given commit. The order of this list is unspecified.

commit-ancestor returns the nth ancestor of the given commit, or #f is no such ancestor exists. n defaults to 1, meaning the commit's first parent (making (commit-ancestor c 1) equivalent to (commit-parent c)).