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(stty [port] settings ...)procedure

Sets the terminal attributes for PORT (defaulting to current-input-port) according to the SETTINGS, which should be a list of symbols corresponding to modes in the stty(1) man page, or one or more symbols wrapped in a (not ...) list.

To enable a character setting, use a list of the setting name followed by the character (or #f to disable), as in

     (stty '(erase #\delete))

The following settings are supported:

    clocal cread crtscts cs5 cs6 cs7 cs8 cstopb hup hupcl parenb
    parodd brkint icrnl ignbrk igncr ignpar imaxbel inpck istrip
    ixany ixoff ixon parmrk tandem ocrnl onlcr onlret onocr opost
    tab0 tab1 tab2 tab3 tabs crterase crtkill ctlecho echo echoctl
    echoe echoke echonl echoprt icanon iexten isig noflsh prterase
    tostop xcase eof eol eol2 erase intr kill lnext quit rprnt
    start stop susp werase raw sane