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crypt plaintext-password #!optional salt-or-hashprocedure

This procedure returns the hashed version of the string plaintext-password based on the settings provided by the string salt-or-hash (typically this argument is called "setting" in most POSIX documentation). If salt-or-hash is not provided or #f, a salt will automatically be generated by calling (crypt-gensalt) with no arguments.

This means this procedure can be used in two ways: the first is to generate a hash for a new password and the second is to validate a password against a previously generated hash.

The return value of this procedure can be stored and later used as a salt-or-hash value in subsequent calls to this procedure to validate a user-supplied password; it is a string that contains the salt and algorithm specifications as a prefix of the hash. For more info about why this works, see the "Background Info" section.