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sxml-template:fill sxml-template namespaceprocedure

Where sxml-template is a sxml-template record and namespace is an association list mapping variable names to values. This will replace all instances of (%data name) in sxml-template's underlying SXML with the result of (alist-ref 'name alist), and return a new sxml-template record. If a value in namespace is a filled sxml-template, then the right thing will happen. If a value is a list, then it is assumed to be vanilla SXML and will be converted using SXML's universal-conversion-rules. If a value is mentioned in the template's SXML which does not have a corresponding entry in the alist, then an error will be signalled. See sxml-template:fill-string for an equivalent which results in a string of XML, and sxml-template->string for a procedure which will convert a filled sxml-template record (as returned by this procedure) to a string of XML.