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expand-sublevels root db opsprocedure

Takes a list of operations (as you would pass to the db-batch procedure) and expands the keys in the list to match the full key that would be written for the provdided sublevel(s). The key namespaces between 'root' and 'db' are expanded. The 'root' argument can be any level implementation (eg, a raw leveldb object or another sublevel).

This can be useful if you find yourself needing to apply a transaction across multiple sublevels. You can use this for each sublevel to build the final batch operations list then use db-batch on the underlying resource.

;; Example
(define db (open-db "./my-database"))
(define sub1 (sublevel db '("one")))
(define sub2 (sublevel sub1 '("two")))

(expand-sublevels db sub2 '((put "example" "value")))
;; => '((put "one\x00two\x00example" "value"))

(expand-sublevels sub1 sub2 '((put "example" "value")))
;; => '((put "two\x00example" "value"))