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socket-send-buffer-size nparameter
socket-send-size nparameter
socket-receive-buffer-size nparameter

These parameters are used mostly to adjust the behavior of socket ports, and take effect when the ports are created.

(socket-send-buffer-size) is the buffer size used by socket output ports. If #f, no buffering is done. A power of 2, such as 1K or 4K, is an appropriate value.

(socket-send-size) is used by socket output ports, and is the size used in a single call to socket-send by socket-send-all. It can be #f, meaning infinite, so that any remaining data is sent at each call. When set, it should usually be a multiple of (socket-send-buffer-size), assuming buffering is also enabled. A power of 2 is an appropriate value, such as 8K or 16K.

(socket-receive-buffer-size) is the size used for the input buffer in socket input ports. A power of 2, such as 4K, is appropriate. Input buffering can not be disabled.