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The socket address object. sockaddr is used throughout the BSD sockets API to represent the address of a local or remote socket endpoint.

The most convenient constructor for Internet socket addresses is inet-address. The fundamental Internet socket address constructor is address-information, which is more powerful but also more complex to use. For UNIX sockets, use unix-address.

Socket address object accessors are:

returns the socket address family as an integer constant, e.g. af/inet.
returns the address of a socket as a string (for Internet sockets, this is the IP address).
returns the socket port for Internet sockets; it is an error to call it on another type of socket.
returns the pathname for UNIX sockets, or an error for other socket types.
returns a compact representation of the socket address as a string. For Internet sockets, it returns "address" when port is 0; otherwise, it returns "address:port" for IPv4 addresses and "[address]:port" for IPv6 addresses.