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so-reuse-address? sprocedure
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so-broadcast? sprocedure
so-oob-inline? sprocedure
so-accept-connections? sprocedure
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so-send-low-water sprocedure
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so-error sprocedure
so-type sprocedure

Getters / setters for boolean and integer socket-level options, where s is a socket object or an integer file descriptor. To set an option, use SRFI-17 generalized set:

(set! (so-reuse-address? s) #t)

"(r/o)" indicates the option is read-only; an error will be raised if you attempt to set it.

As a special note on so-reuse-address?, on Windows platforms it will first attempt to use option so/exclusiveaddruse because this option matches UNIX semantics. If this fails it will fall back to so/reuseaddr, which allows any processes to rebind a previously bound address and port.