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addrinfo? aiprocedure
addrinfo-family aiprocedure
addrinfo-socktype aiprocedure
addrinfo-protocol aiprocedure
addrinfo-address aiprocedure
addrinfo-canonname aiprocedure
addrinfo-flags aiprocedure

Address information record returned by address-information.

  • addrinfo-address is the sockaddr socket address object;
  • addrinfo-family, addrinfo-socktype and addrinfo-protocol are numeric constants in the af/, sock/ and ipproto/ families respectively;
  • addrinfo-canonname is the canonical (FQDN) name of this host and is present only if the ai/canonname flag was used; otherwise #f;
  • addrinfo-flags is the bitwise OR of ai/ flags used when constructing this object. The system may set certain flags itself so this is probably not reliably useful.