chickadee » sdl2 » set-hint!

set-hint! name value #!optional priorityprocedure

Sets the value of the hint. See SDL_SetHintWithPriority. This procedure is available in sdl2 egg version 0.2.0 and higher.

name specifies which hint to change. It must be a symbol from the tables above, or a string. This procedure signals an exception if name is an unrecognized symbol (i.e. is not listed in any of the tables above). This procedures accepts any string name, even if it is not recognized.

value specifies the new value of the hint. It must be a string.

priority specifies the priorily level for setting the hint. If it is omitted, the priority will be 'normal. It must be one of these symbols:

  • 'default
  • 'normal
  • 'override

Returns #t if the hint's value was set, or #f if it was not set (e.g. because the hint was already set with a higher priority).