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load-typed-rw rwops close? type-hintprocedure
load-typed-rw* rwops close? type-hintprocedure

See IMG_LoadTyped_RW.

Similar to load-rw, except you also give a hint to help SDL_image figure out what the image format is. In practice, this is only necessary when loading a TGA image from an sdl2:rwops. For other image formats you can just use load-rw instead.

type-hint must be one of the following strings (case is not important):

  • "BMP"
  • "CUR"
  • "GIF"
  • "ICO"
  • "JPG"
  • "LBM"
  • "PCX"
  • "PNG"
  • "PNM"
  • "TGA"
  • "TIF"
  • "XCF"
  • "XPM"
  • "XV"

Returns a sdl2:surface containing the image. Signals an exception of kind (exn sdl2) if the image could not be loaded.

  • load-rw-typed returns a managed sdl2:surface.
  • load-rw-typed* returns an unmanaged sdl2:surface, which must be freed with free-surface! (from the sdl2 egg) when you are done with it.