chickadee » rfb » read-server-message

read-server-message RFBSESSIONprocedure

Waits for a message from an RFB server and resturns an s-expression representing the message or end-of-file if the connection was closed.

Server messages may be any of the following:

(FramebufferUpdate RECT ...)Sends a list of rectangles to be updated, see brlow for a description of RECT
(SetColourMapEntries INDEX U16VECTOR)Server request to change the entries in the colour-map to the RGB values given in the vector, starting at colour-index INDEX
(Bell)Server request to the ring bell
(ServerCutText STRING)Text pasted from clipboard

A RECT sent via a framebuffer update request has one of the following forms:

(Raw #(X Y W H U8VECTOR))
A bitmap in "Raw" encoding with given position, shape and data
(CopyRect #(X Y W H X2 Y2))
A request to copy the bitmap with the given position and size to position X2/Y2

Other encoding types can be handled using the register-encoding-type procedure (see below).